Beyond the Crop Top

Welcome to our first post written by somebody other than me! I am so incredibly happy to share this with anyone! Enough from me…let us hear about the writer!

Lily Day is from Minnesota,  dances a lot, and feels very strongly about women’s rights because there are constant injustices towards woman that minimize our freedoms and it’s gotta stop

The over-sexualizing of teenagers and women as a whole has got to stop. It’s gotten to the point where the clothing I feel confident in, I’m afraid to wear out in public because I’m terrified that an adult is going to criticize me for what I’m wearing. And it’s not even just the older generation. Teenagers are setting the standard to over sexualize each other’s bodies by deeming certain clothing acceptable and certain clothing unacceptable. In my friend group particularly a crop top is considered “slutty”. When the heck to showing a tiny bit of midriff mean that I’ll sleep with any man that walks by? It’s my body I’ll do what I want thank you very much. Or in a particular shirt that I adore that has the shoulders cut out, I’ve had adults comment on it by saying; “That’s and awful lot of shoulder for school.” Are you kidding me? It’s a freaking shoulder I’m sorry my awkward bony shoulders may provoke the males in my school. Because their education is far more important than me feeling confident and comfortable in what I’m wearing. Because yep pulling me out of class for being a “distraction” with my shoulders is sure to benefit everyone’s education. STOP MAKING GIRLS FEEL LIKE SHIT FOR WANTING TO SHOW SOME SKIN. The length of my skirt, or the trim of my shirt tells you literally nothing about me, or my personality, besides the fact that I like what I’m wearing. I didn’t buy the shirt so I could be judged or so other people could tell me how to feel about my body. No no. If you have an opinion about what I decided to do with my body, please feel free to shove it straight up your ass where it belongs. It’s not fair to expect a girl or a woman to present and dress themselves in a manner in order to please others because as I recall we have the freedom of expression in this country and it would make people’s lives so much easier if we all remembered that. Thanks.

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