The Democratic Donald Trump

I love receiving posts for Opinyoung. It is so fun to hear what my fellow peers think!

Noah Haig is a south bay high school student at Vistamar. He co-leads the school’s chapter of the Junior Statesmen of America.

Many people in the United States agree that Donald Trump is a bit of a radical for the right, and for this reason many long time Republicans are abandoning Trump. But think for a second if there was a radical like Trump, but on the left. Someone who made inappropriate and outlandish statements, but for a cause you supported. Could you support that candidate? I think it is an important question for liberals to ask themselves. For example: what if this candidate said they wanted to raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour. This number is obviously ridiculous and would negatively affect our economy in a large way, but what if you did support a raise in minimum wage. Would you vote for this candidate thinking he could not pass a $50 minimum wage and hope that a smaller increase in minimum wage comes out of it? I believe this is largely the thinking of many moderate Republicans who are sticking with Trump. They see his radical policy and think that a less extreme version of it will be passed and therefore continue to support Trump. By doing this, they are putting the person who they acknowledge is too extreme into the highest office in the land. As liberals, we have to really think about what we would do if there was a “Democratic Donald Trump” and if our vote would mirror the votes of those who we staunchly disagree with.

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