A note from the founder…

Snowden Russia???


Sorry for the puns here…

Well I think I would be missing out if I did not take advantage of the  Edward Snowden movie to talk about the once in a life time experience I had this summer from witnesing a live lecture by Mr. Snowden. Going into it I had many adjectives in my mind; traitor, hero, American, liar, Godlike….

What spoke out to me most about his lecture was how he told us “to be skeptical” and to “question.” I thought it was commendable how he did not seem angry. I could not imagine somebody being so selfless.  In his mind he was protecting freedom. He risked it for society. And in my eyes, I see nothing more American than doing something for the benefit of others…

That’s just my view but what is yours?


*Note: lecture was through the ACLU summer insitute and I would highly recomend applying for the program…possibly a future post on my experience…

*Picture taken by me!



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